Greg Garrett’s Forbidden Oysters™’ Story


My family has been eating oysters grown in the York River since 1620. My 14x great grandfather, a French orphan, adopted by a British family was sent by the King of England, to fortify the port on the south side of the river. He went on to become the founder of Yorktown.

365 years later our family obtained the prime oyster grounds where the water is the cleanest & saltiest in all of York County on the York River, since it’s the closest to the Chesapeake Bay.

Our oysters are famous for their mildly salty taste since the York River is the saltiest river of the Bay. Recently when the Queen of England visited Yorktown, she raved about the taste of York River oysters.

Our oysters are exceptionally clean, sweet & plump because of this close proximity to the Bay, the extremely brisk current flow and a virtually silt free, hard, sandy bottom. All these factors come together to grow the best tasting oysters on the planet, in the opinion of many oyster lovers.

Our family has had to fight for the right to grow oysters on these grounds. This battle has been waged in our County Hall, the local Courthouse & even at the State Capital. Taste just one and you’ll know why it was worth the fight.

Since these select Chesapeake Bay oysters do not reproduce, they can be eaten and fully enjoyed all year round….. even in the middle of the summer!

Virginia Smoked Oyster BLT

FORBIDDEN Oysters® are selected by Top Chef in Virginia Wine and Oyster Classic. Chef Scott Simpson will be using FORBIDDENS for oyster dish competition Saturday Nov 2nd. He’ll make:

Virginia Smoked Oyster BLT prepared by Scott Simpson from The Swan Terrace -

Applewood smoked Forbidden Oysters® on black pepper bruschetta; tomato crème, micro arugula and Edwards bacon foam.

TBA serves “Forbidden Oysters”® at its annual PAC Oyster Roast

This year at its annual political gathering, the Tidewater Builders Association will serve the “Forbidden Oyster”®. World renown for its flavor, the oyster is the recent subject of a supreme court case where officials want to regulate and forbid its growth and harvest. Great for the Chesapeake Bay and excellent for the overall environment, TBA is excited to include this awesome addition to the last political event of the Hampton Road’s campaign season.

Contact Joshua Clark for details 757-725-1445

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Oyster connoisseur, Rowan Jacobsen of “The Oyster Guide” posted this raving review of Forbidden Oysters™

Take a look at what Rowan Jacobsen has to say about our Forbidden Oysters™. He tasted our oysters & reviewed them on his site The Oyster Guide October 18th, 2012.

Here’s a sneak peak: “They are so delicious that (this may get me in trouble) they don’t taste like Chesapeake (Bay) oysters at all.

Click here to see his complete raving review:


Tell Me About Taste!

When the Queen of England recently visited Yorktown VA, she raved about the taste of York River oysters. How’d these famous oysters, prized for their perfect blend of sweetness and mildly salty taste, win over the taste buds of royalty? Just like the Queen’s royal roots, it all comes down to how they’re born and raised.

York River’s FORBIDDEN Oysters™ are grown close to the Chesapeake Bay at the river’s mouth, where the water is exceptionally clean and perfectly salty. Add an unusually brisk current flow and a virtually silt-free, hard, sandy bottom to have ideal conditions for growing delicious oysters that are full of natural flavor without being overwhelmed by saltiness.

The result is an oyster that’s exceptionally clean, sweet and plump. In the opinion of many oyster lovers, they’re the best-tasting oysters on the planet. And since these select Chesapeake Bay oysters don’t spawn, they can be eaten and enjoyed all year round – even in the middle of Summer.